The Wines of Spain

Guest speaker Ryan O’Connor

Dinner will be a five course degustation featuring selected wines from all over the Iberian Peninsula. Ryan O’Connor of Pure Wine Company will discuss the regions represented at the dinner and the long winemaking history of Spain, including how modern developments coexist alongside centuries old traditions. Join us, it is a great time.

Spanish Charcuterie
Iberico ham, house-made Merguez sausage,
manchego and dried fruits
Alaia Verdejo

Baccalao Brandade
celeriac purée
Parès Balta Blanc de Pacs

Chorizo Stuffed Calamari
Guajillo Salsa
Don Ramon Campo de Borja

Lamb Shoulder and White Bean Stew
Anjoli Priorat

Flan with Fresh Berries
Hidalgo Pedro Jimenez

Cost is $60 per person, tax and tip additional.
Seating is limited so reservations are necessary
Please call (773) 944-1208 to reserve your spot.